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"Illuminate Your Nights: Transforming Landscapes with Radiant Brilliance"

"At Aurora Landscape Lighting, our mission is to illuminate and enhance the beauty of outdoor spaces, transforming ordinary landscapes into captivating nocturnal scenes. We are committed to providing exceptional lighting solutions that not only highlight the architectural features and natural elements of our clients' properties but also create inviting atmospheres for relaxation, entertainment, and security. With a blend of creativity, expertise, and top-quality products, we strive to exceed expectations, bringing dreams to light one landscape at a time."


Why Aurora?

Aurora Landscape Lighting specializes in harnessing the power of low voltage lighting to transform outdoor spaces into captivating nocturnal landscapes. By utilizing low voltage fixtures, we achieve stunning illumination while minimizing energy consumption and environmental impact. This technology not only reduces electricity costs but also ensures safety, as the lower voltage poses minimal risk of electrical hazards. Moreover, our premium landscape lighting fixtures are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, combining innovative design with durable materials to withstand the elements and provide long-lasting beauty. Whether accentuating architectural features, highlighting garden focal points, or creating a welcoming ambiance along pathways, Aurora Landscape Lighting delivers unparalleled quality and sophistication, illuminating the night with elegance and efficiency.

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Pathway Lighting

Pathway landscape lighting serves as both a functional and aesthetic element in outdoor design, guiding footsteps while adding ambiance to the surroundings. By strategically placing fixtures along walkways, we not only ensure safety and security but also create a mesmerizing journey through the landscape. Softly illuminating the path ahead, these lights invite exploration and provide a warm welcome to residents and guests alike. Whether winding through lush gardens or leading to a grand entrance, pathway lighting transforms ordinary paths into enchanting passages, enhancing the overall beauty and charm of the outdoor space. At Aurora Landscape Lighting, we understand the subtle art of pathway lighting, employing innovative techniques and premium fixtures to seamlessly blend light and nature, crafting unforgettable experiences with every step.

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Up Lighting

Up lighting in landscape lighting is a transformative technique that accentuates the natural beauty of trees, architectural features, and other vertical elements within outdoor spaces. By strategically placing fixtures at ground level and aiming them upward, we create dramatic effects that showcase the texture, shape, and color of these objects. Up lighting not only adds depth and dimension to the landscape but also extends the visual impact of the property into the night, creating a captivating scene that evolves with the shifting shadows and highlights. Whether highlighting a majestic tree canopy, emphasizing the elegance of a fountain, or illuminating the façade of a building, up lighting adds a touch of sophistication and drama to outdoor environments. At Aurora Landscape Lighting, we harness the power of up lighting to elevate ordinary landscapes into extraordinary works of art, crafting immersive experiences that delight the senses and leave a lasting impression.

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Down Lighting

Down lighting in landscape lighting is a versatile technique that brings a subtle yet impactful ambiance to outdoor spaces. By positioning fixtures above ground level and directing light downward, we create gentle pools of illumination that softly enhance the landscape below. This method is particularly effective for illuminating pathways, patios, and outdoor living areas, providing functional lighting for safe navigation while also creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for gatherings and relaxation. Additionally, down lighting can be used to highlight specific garden features such as flower beds, sculptures, or water features, adding depth and visual interest to the nighttime landscape. At Aurora Landscape Lighting, we employ down lighting with precision and creativity, crafting enchanting outdoor environments that balance functionality with beauty, transforming ordinary landscapes into extraordinary retreats under the night sky.

Lights in the Dark


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